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A Whole Universe (Pomegranate), 2017, fresh fruit, wooden shelf, variable dimensions

Su-Mei Tse’s ‘Nested’ at a MUDAM
Janurary 30, 2018

Luxembourg and Berlin-based artist Su-Mei Tse is showcasing her latest body of work in a solo exhibition titled “Nested” at Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM).

The exhibition, which encompasses several mediums, such as sculptures, videos, photographs and installations, gives attention to the sonorous dimension of the world.

The exhibition is the result of several years of research in different geographical contexts, starting with Italy and Asia. It brings together a large number of the artist’s recent works and new productions, including a major installation for the museum’s Grand Hall.

Like most other artworks by Su-Mei Tse, these exhibits too oscillate between different fields: between sound and image, nature and culture, mental space and sensory experience, for example. New dimensions, however, are apparent in her work. The artist’s work delves into deep as well as uncommon subjects, such as contemplation, men’s relation to the vegetable and the mineral, the multiplicity of modes of existence, and the possibility of a sensitive relationship with the past.

The exhibition was conceived to be like a notebook — a form that fuses together everyday impressions and occurrences. Be they occurrences or visual, sounds, or simply specks of memory, the artist blends them together in a subjective and intuitive way, allowing a whole network of echoes and correspondences to be deployed.

“Nested” will be on view through March 2, 2018, at Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg.

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