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Untitled (Périgord Construction of Vision), 2012, beeswax, crayon and oil on paper, 21 x 21 inches (53.3 x 53.3 cm)

MUST SEE "Périgord Construction of Vision Drawings"
January 4, 2019

David Rabinowitch started visiting the Périgord region in southern France in 2009. Périgord has some of the best preserved 10th - 12th Century Romanesque churches in Europe and has become a place that Rabinowitch has been revisiting and making sketches of since 2011. These ecclesiastical structures serve as a conceptual framework which the ongoing series of Périgord Construction of Vision Drawings has emerged from. Rather than literal representation, this series engages with what Rabinowitch has grasped or been altered by his experience in the Périgord.

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