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Helmut Federle included in  "Mondes Parallèles" at the Musée D'Art Moderne de Paris

In cosmology, the parallel world is defined as a universe with its own measurements of space and time. If such worlds existed, they would logically have to be separated from ours and governed by different laws, thus reversing the fundamental principles that we thought were absolute and immutable.

Based on works currently being acquired or recently entered into the museum's collections, this exhibition is a series of monographic presentations of artists whose works are striking in their singularity, thus constituting autonomous universes. Although each representing a very personal world, the seven artists gathered here –

Marie Bourget (1952-2016),
Helmut Federle (1944 -),
Hélène Garache (1928-2023),
Hubert Kiecol (1950 -),
Charlotte Rampling (1946 -),
Anne-Marie Schneider (1962 -)
and Pierre Weiss (1950 -)

– have in common an uncompromising requirement in their relationship to reality and to their art, some have rarely, if ever, been exhibited.

Through their productions, these artists invite us to broaden our habits of perception, generally rooted in the visible world, in order to transport ourselves to a parallel, poetic and emotional universe. To do this, they rely on different approaches: some play on the variety of forms and signifiers with multiple reversals; others develop precise rituals, making them resonate with invisible forces.


Curators : Julia Garimorth and Fanny Schulmann, assisted by Sylvie Moreau-Soteras


Marie Bourget: until September 10, 2023
Helmut Federle: until September 17, 2023
Hélène Garache: until February 26, 2024
Hubert Kiecol: until February 26, 2024
Charlotte Rampling: until September 10, 2023
Anne-Marie Schneider: until September 17, 2023
Pierre Weiss: until September 10, 2023

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