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Native American Influences on 20th Century Art


New York: Peter Blum Edition. Texts by Carter Ratcliff and Paul Chaat Smith. The book includes works by the following artists, photographers and Native American tribes: Josef Albers, Max Ernst, Helmut Federle, Nicholas Galanin, Andrea Gyer/Simon J. Ortiz, Agnes Martin, Georgia O’Keeffe, Bruce Nauman, Jackson Pollock, Charles Simonds. Photographers: Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis, John Karl Hillers, Lee Marmon, Sumner Matteson, Paul Strand, Adam Clark Vroman. Native American tribes: Apache, Arapaho, Acoma, Cayuse, Havasupai, Hopi, Mimbres, Navajo, Panamint, Pueblo, Sioux, Yavapai, Zia, Zuni.

Edition of 1500, 213 pages, 118 color reproductions, cloth hardbound.

Book size: 10 1/4 x 8 inches (26 x 20.3 cm)


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