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Arthur Miller, Louise Bourgeois:

Homely Girl, A Life


New York: Peter Blum Edition. A 2 volume set.

Volume I: A previously unpublished story by Arthur Miller accompanied by 10 actual-size color reproductions of etchings by Louise Bourgeois, a duotone photograph of author and artist by Inge Morath, and publisher’s note by Peter Blum. 40 pages.

Volume II: Contains the same story printed in grey with red highlighting and 8 full-color photo collages by Louise Bourgeois. 38 pages.

Edition of 1200, 78 pages total, 10 color reproductions, 8 full-color photo collages, letterpress, cloth hardbound with slipcase.

Book size: 11 3/4 x 9 inches (29.8 x 23 cm)

There is an edition signed by Bourgeois, Miller and Morath available.
Price upon request.

There is also a special edition available limited to 100 copies, with ten original etchings by Louise Bourgeois, which is signed by author and artist. Hardbound in leather and cloth with cloth slipcase.
Price upon request.

•  Please contact gallery for availability.